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Every project requires its own unique approach depending on the scope of work, client’s needs, site features, and local context. Some projects need to subtly blend into their existing surroundings, while others need to boldly challenge them and stand apart. Regardless of which direction a project takes, the path to finding the right design remains the same. Beginning with careful study of the site, developing an understanding of the relationships between the project and the natural and built surrounding. Practicing since 1998, I have developed my architectural style around a "less is more" approach focusing on form and proportion. When those elements are right, the rest of the design falls naturally into place.

My path to a career in architecture began early during countless hours spent creating Lego structures and cities as a boy growing up. Today I am enjoying reliving those times building Legos again with my three sons.

After graduating from architecture school at Univerity of California at Berkeley, I moved to southern California and began working in Laguna Beach. Since that time I have had the privilege of working with a few select and interesting Laguna Beach architecture firms, drawing from their experience and influence, while developing my own architectural style. Though I have primarily focused on residential architecture, I have been lucky enough to work and gain experience on a wide range of styles and projects including restaurants, multi-use event spaces, and commercial retail projects.

In my work, I have combined the traditional methods of hand drawn sketches and the latest in computer modelling in order to acheive the best possible project outcomes. These tools allow better communication and understanding of what the completed construction will be for both the client and the contractor.

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